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Mactrovert Weekly is the weekly newsletter edition for the full website, Mactrovert.com, where I write stories and reviews about all things Apple.

In Mactrovert Weekly, I will share the top news from the Apple universe as well as a roundup of articles published on Mactrovert.

You probably don’t want yet another newsletter in your inbox that contains just some links. I assure you, you won’t. As a full-time Apple user deep within the ecosystem, I have tons of stuff to share. Some of it you can relate to, some of it you can share some advice on, and some of it you will be excited to know about.

While Mactrovert.com remains the main blog where I’ll be publishing long-form content, subscribing to Mactrovert Weekly is a great way to keep in the loop without having to visit the website every day!

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